Apple Retail Store Location ~ Regional News

[Update !!] Since this post has been so popular with those looking for Apple Store news I am including two places you can find most anything you wish to know about Apple retail. The ifoapplestore site has a vast inventory of info on Apple Stores including past, present and futures events.


Apple Store coming to Tulsa Oklahoma. Officially unconfirmed but it’s hard to argue with the photographs. The store is 45′ wide and could take on the version 2.0 store design that recently appeared at the Domain store in Austin Texas. Hiring is taking place according to Apple’s website. The store could open as early as June but a July date is not out of the question. Since this photo was taken the construction barricade has been painted the traditional black according to The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

apple-1w.jpg Revised Barricade to reflect Apple’s Corp standard.


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