Everyday Mac – Time Tracking [updated]

Every wonder where the time goes? It’s said we live in a time deprived world, meaning that we have more to do than we have time to do it. Actually we have the same amount of time everyday but how to use it is the question. There is certainly no shortage of time management books and programs floating around but which is the right one? While I won’t attempt to define the perfect system, I do have one tip that should help to redeem some of the time that so easily slips from our grasp.

Here are the steps:

  • Make a task list but no more than you can accomplish in a day and you might even want to split it into two hour increments.
  • Assign a reasonable amount of time to each task.
  • Use a timer, preferably one that rings or gives some sort of feedback as to the time spent. There are lots of timer applications both free and commercial that can do the job. Several can be found called Work Timer and another popular one is Flex Time [for the Mac]. You can even have iCal email you at a specific time.[ Update! ] Another free timer from the folks at Apimac.

Once you begin to break things down into specific tasks, focus will improve and productivity gains will be noticed. Simple I know, but effective at getting things moving when you feel you’re going in circles.


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