Everyday Mac – Build collaboration with a Wiki, featuring VoodooPad™

Leverage your writing skills and get more done with a Wiki or hypertext linked pages. If you are unsure what a wiki is you can read all about it by clicking here.

Wiki is Hawaiian for fast.

If you’ve ever used the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia and clicked on the blue words you know that it links you to another page about that word. Increasingly wiki pages are used to cross reference information into a dynamic method of sharing. The linking process requires some forethought but is worth it for the access that it provides later on.

I had tried a product called VoodooPad from flyingmeat software some time ago and recently decided to take a closer look at the functionality of using the wiki method. Thus far I have only worked with the light version which is a free download however the pro version offers much functionality. To get a feel for how this works the VoodooPad site has several videos which demonstrate the power of using this method of writing. You can set up links between pages by simply highlighting a word and clicking the link button.

The advantage of using a wiki tool such as VoodooPad is being able to break things down into logical segments and then link back and forth between them. An example would be writing a synopsis on a particular subject but embedding links to more in depth explanations.

Take VoodooPad for a spin and see if it doesn’t fit your workflow. There is much more to this method than my brief review here so check it out.

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