iPhone and Leopard and iPod Oh my!

Sensible Voices! Much conversation about the intention by Apple to delay Leopard till October and focus it’s attention on the iPhone in order to make the ship date in June.

Whether it’s a resources problem or the “secret features” aren’t ready in Leopard is anybody’s guess. The real reason! The iPhone is the most talked about cell phone is a long while it’s just TOO big to be pushed aside. At lot is resting on Apple’s performance and they don’t want to falter at the starting gate.

It would be disastrous to Apple’s PR momentum to miss the ship date. Also they already have an installed base of happy Mac customers who are doing just find under Tiger and truth be told not everyone is tapping the full potential of that release and that includes me.

iPhone priority simply makes sense. There are also rumblings about a wi-pod with wireless capability and if that is true, there is one more reason they are stretched so thin. Flying below the pundit radar is a strategy that Apple is working towards and it clearly points in two directions; wireless connectivity and a more useful, dynamic and spectacular UI. Touch screens, super core animation and more portable devices would not surprise this reviewer in the least.

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