5000 Links, Right under your nose… Made for Mac

As we type I am sitting at around 5000 links in my browser. The truth is neither I or nor anyone else remembers what all those links are for… it seemed like a good idea at the time. With all of that I still have to find stuff and I am always amazed when I find something lurking right under my nose.

If you are looking for software; all those nifty little freeware and shareware apps that we have to have look no further than the “mother ship” as some refer to it. I am talking about Apple.com. Right below the tabs bar on their site is a row of options that changes depending on which tab you have selected. In the default condition when you first open the site one of the options on the second row is made4mac. Click it. What you will find is a nice little database grouped by category and searchable. While not exhaustive it will contain many of the commonly sought after applications mentioned on this blog and others around the web. Enjoy!



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