Apple Hints – Here's one thing we do know…

Posted in an email to all Apple developers, we read:

The Leopard beta. Available first at WWDC.

At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, we’re planning to show you a feature-complete version of Mac OS X Leopard, and you can take home a beta copy. Be the first to get your hands on the Leopard beta and get a huge head start on development. Register now for WWDC 2007—it’s your ticket to the future of Mac OS X.

Notice the words “feature-complete” This is the first time that Apple has actually said they were ready to show all the features in Leopard. At least to my knowledge. Prior to this it has been the generally accepted idea that we would see all the features but now from the horses mouth we’ve heard it ourselves.

In a second move they have also extended the deadline to register for WWDC. This would seem to indicate that they wish as many developers to get there hands on the beta as possible. This is Apple’s way of reaching out although they may not term it such. A whole lot is at stake for Apple right now and it would seem that Apple is just a little bit anxious. As I see it anyway… about a month to go. iPhone, Leopard, iLife?, New iMac?, and one I’ll call the iBook nano?


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