Apple – Plugging WWDC Again!

Apple developers received another offer to come to WWDC again today with new Coding Headstarts campaign. These jump starts come with sample code and are downloadable if you are a WWDC E-ticket holder.

Hmmm… something tells me there’s a whole lot of code that is going to be written when we finally see what Leopard is all about. Well speculation is high and confidence is about medium I would say. Since March there has been a fairly regular stream of emails from Apple Developer Connection which could simply be their way of keeping the interest in Leopard alive and not overshadowed completely by the iPhone.

On the other hand this might be an indication that software is going have to stay on par with the developments in the OS as well as new technology coming from Apple, intel, google and others.

There are many technologies now that must be reckoned with in one form or another so no one piece of the puzzle is going to create the whole picture. Today Comcast, [the cable tv giant] showed a new modem that dwarfs anything available in a cable modem today. This new device is 25 times faster, downloading at 150 125 megabits per second. The next twelve months should be very interesting, indeed.


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