Dot Mac to get New Life?

Briefly! According to reports from the recent Apple Shareholders meeting Steve Jobs did make some encouraging remarks about dot mac. It has been clear for some time now that many Mac users were not happy with dotmac; not for what it did but for what it didn’t do. Complaints have generally been all over the map but generally that it lacked really useful features, cost was too high and it was slow.

That said; Mr. Jobs indicated that indeed dot mac had fallen behind and was set for some “new initiatives” but we have no idea what those initiatives are but at least something is happening. Will we see a preview of the new dotmac at WWDC? It’s hard to tell but if not out right description we may get some hints. We will be looking at those features in the Mac OS that could be exploited by dotmac.

It’s less than a month now till WWDC and it remains to be seen what will be rolled out beyond what we’ve been told thus far. A “feature complete” view of Leopard and beta to take home for developers. Stay tuned for further developments.


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