Apple News Review and Pre WWDC Musings

It would seem I’ve fallen off the pace with my posts but without excuse making here’s the news from my latest travels.

Scoble has taken a shot at the iPod in his blog recently [what’s a Microsoft guy supposed to do?] and voiced with many others how the iPod locks you into the iTunes. People prefer the ipod player to the other ones and in fact they put more music on the iPod ripped from CDs than they do from the iTunes store. You only have to use one of the other brands to get the difference. It also helps that Apple has created a certain cachet identity for their products.

iPhone News: A few more insights are coming in from the wild and if what they say is true the iPhone should be a huge hit. At one point I thought this phone is just too much in a small package but in final analysis anything less than the three in one might not have been sufficient to shake the market and become the new “iPod” setting the numbers aside of course. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a iPhone nano at some point if the market demands. Steve says third party apps may be forthcoming if they can manage the security issues.

WWDC: What they roll out at WWDC this year is hard to tell. If last year is any indication then we may see less hardware and more software. Apple is sending even more coding headstarts to whet the appetite of developers for this years roll out of Leopard [beta]. This bodes well for the need to rewrite or tweak a lot of code to take advantage of the “secret” features in Leopard. Should be a busy year for programmers. If we see hardware at WWDC I am guessing it won’t be a tablet mac; more likely would be a new iMac and maybe some displays. The high order gear I think will be left for the usual January rollout. The ilife apps will be revamped to take advantage of the new features in Leopard with the other details left up the missing manual’s trade.

New Software: Look for a new image editor on the block called Pixelmator, beautiful UI wrapped around some of the familar tools in photoshop but sporting new image editing tricks and features. Check them out online and sign up for a notification email; only 59.00 USD. If you aren’t using iGTD then stop on over and give it a try; it’s free [support couldn’t hurt though]. More to follow….


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