WWDC 07 Predictions, The Software…

While I would love to see some revolutionary hardware announced at WWDC this year I am more inclined to think we will hear more about software than hardware. The lion’s share of what we hear will center around Leopard; if you don’t mind me mixing my felines. I’ve read some great predictions regarding the “secret features”, my own take on that is that much of what we see will involve core animation. With all the coding headstarts and other emphasis Apple has placed on getting programmers to WWDC it would seem that new code will be required to take advantage of all the new features in Leopard. A new interface is seen by some and it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Rather than cover what has been said by so many others I would like to jump to what I see as the path that Apple is on. The interface between man and machine has to change. Last January Steve said “who wants a stylus? .. nobody wants a stylus, we’re going to use the best pointing device, we’re going to use our fingers. Touch technology is on the rise and I hope we can get back to the simplicity and immediacy of the pencil.


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