The Red Era begins…

This morning Red announced that the first shipment of Red One digital cinema cameras will go out the door on the 31st of August. This is a major milestone for the company but what will be far more intriguing to this writer is what it will produce in terms of movie output. Will it spawn a new crop of filmmakers by putting these new tools at their disposal. It will be interesting to see. None the less many are waiting like anxious children on Christmas morning awaiting what bright new shiny things they can discover. In this case footage turning up on “YouTube” in the form of examples of “look at what we did”.

Peter Jackson has already made a 15 minute movie with the Red company’s alpha prototypes “Boris and Natasha” and a recent screening of it in Hollywood was received with great reviews.

I suppose you could say the Red era began in 1999 when the company was formed but perhaps it goes back further than that. Nowadays finding the Genesis of something is a little more difficult.


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