Red One, and beyond

Only two days left till Red™ ships the first twenty five of the most talked about cameras to hit the streets in a long time. If you’re not a cinematographer it may be a little hard to get your head around all the excitement since it requires a certain level of camera knowledge and understanding of digital video. In layman’s terms the Red One™ is a direct competitor with cameras costing tens of thousands more while delivering a 4k image; thats 4520×2540 pixels which is like ultra HD. Probably more accurate and more important though is the fact that the digital image is considered to be as good as film and some say it’s better than film due in part to it’s greater rendering of the highlights. Although digital photography has become widely accepted, the use of digital for major motion pictures has been eschewed in favor of the warmer images created by film. With the Red One™ it looks as if that is about to change.

In the future we may being seeing a lot more of this logo:


More and more film professionals are weighing in on Red™ and those who have seen the full 4k image have reported stunning images. If you watch the clip “Crossing The Line” from the gallery on Red’s website you have to take into consideration that it’s only 1/4 of the final resolution. In order to see a 4k image you need a 4k projector like the ones Sony make. Red™ has announced plans to make their own 4k projector as well as a display all this in addition to a “professional pocket camera”. No details as of yet but it is likely that we will learn more at NAB in April of 2008.

No doubt this weekend we will begin to see the first signs of this new born wonder referred to by many as simply “the red camera”. To view a glimpse of what Red can do you will have to stay tuned to YouTube and to find links to what the early adopters put up. Although we don’t know who the first twenty five Red owners are it is the hope and plea that they will put up some great clips as well as their own first hand experience of what it was like to shoot and edit their first 4k images in Redcode.

For those who wish to delve into all of this in depth simply visit or Reduser the online portal for all those reservation ordered and enthusiasts discuss every aspect of all things Red.

Links outside this blog: [reviews and video]

Stay tuned!!


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