When a photo is more than a photo!

First a little housekeeping. I’ve found blogging to be a fun, rewarding and illuminating experience. It also takes a lot of time, especially if you wish to do it well. I don’t think I am there yet. I’ve said I was going to write about certain things with a certain frequency and that just didn’t happen. What I hope to do in the future is to make reasonable progress. Now on with the show.

Over the last year I have met and visited with many talented photographers from around the country and to their credit they have inspired me to stretch my thinking when it comes to photography. We live in the age where all kinds of things are re-purposed, or re-packaged. That’s what the photo below is all about. I shot this about a year ago and decided to re use part of it. First I cropped in the part that I wanted to focus on and then turned it into a black and white image and applied a few adjustments and filters in Photoshop. I was thinking about what to call it and somehow the idea came to call it a “route 66 stop sign”. If you didn’t have the joys of traveling the “mother road” back in the 50’s and 60’s the Diner thing might not mean as much but in those days these Diners served up some of the best roadside fare you can imagine. This is part of the sign for a place called Metro Diner. The Diner has since been demolished to make room for university housing. While Metro was built after the route 66 hey day it was designed and built in the classic diner style of years gone by. For more of this gem you can view it here.

The photo within a photo.


5 thoughts on “When a photo is more than a photo!

  1. I traveled Route 66 the summer of 1964….I had just graduated from high school and the family (myself , my twin brother, and Mom & Dad) was heading for California to visit my sister , who had married and moved there in 1962.
    I was not very observant of the things along the highway….but I do remember these diners.

    Thanks for sharing and the memory.


  2. Hello Harold. Remember me from the “Wyoming Log House Blog” on WordPress? I discovered your “tulsa unseen” photos on flickr – we have similiar vision and interests. You may enjoy these: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rctafoya/

    The log house project is still underway. Argg it will be a long time before i tackle anything that big again. Hope you’ve had a good winter – I check in now and then and notice you haven’t been writing much in Creative Destinations. But lovely work on Flickr.

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