Finally, youtube video on your ipod in one easy step!

Have you ever wanted to take that great video that you found on YouTube of those lab coated fellows doing amazing things with diet Coke and Mentos onto your iPod? Well the fine folks at Tooble have made it a little easier for you. Tooble is a new application recently launched and premiered at Macworld that does one simple thing and does it very well. That simple thing is to find video on YouTube, download it, convert it and resize it for viewing on your video iPod. Tooble uses a simple two pane interface to display the thumbnails of the video you have searched for. Check the ones you wish to watch and hit the download button. Once the files are downloaded and converted they automatically open in iTunes where you can watch them on your computer or sync them to your iPod for viewing on the go. You can also enter a URL directly if you have that information. The quality is surprisingly good with only a little loss in the conversion process. While it has been possible to download from YouTube and convert for iPod before; the folks at Tooble have made it one button simple. This is an early release and I am sure they have many other features planned. So check it out by clicking here and download your free copy.


2 thoughts on “Finally, youtube video on your ipod in one easy step!

  1. I thought tooble was cool – i’ve used a couple of these kinds of utilities, and its deinitely the easiest.

    How did they get it to get youtube data without a web browser though?

  2. @macGuy,

    Thanks for stopping by. I don’t know how tooble works but I suppose that behind the scenes is some browser. In the same way that Net News Wire can load pages from rss feeds; they have a browser component that will display the web page. Look for more features in Tooble in the months to come.

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