Mobile me! …Oh My

June ninth Steve Jobs rolled out yet another suite of products for the tech hungry world in the form of a new 3G iPhone integrating with the enterprise market and previewing new software from Apple and now third party apps from developers. In addition the long awaited update to Apple’s “dot Mac” service now called “Mobile Me” was previewed and will launch in early July. What is still sinking in is that Mobile Me is not just for Mac users but also PC users which will sync their computer with their iPhone via Outlook Express. Push email, calendaring, contacts all avialable across both platforms. Phil Schiller called it Microsoft Exchange for the rest of us. That’s probably why they don’t call it dot mac anymore huh… 🙂 It remains to be seen, but this could be yet another inroad to diminishing the Microsoft dynasty. Time will tell if this is also another cash cow; Mobile Me is 99.00 per year. The iPhone, iPod & iTunes, QuickTime, Intel Macs that can run Windows and now Mobile Me are all avenues that lead to greater presence in the tech marketplace with the trademark Apple ease of use. Never underestimate the power of design!


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