MobileMe, AppStore Launch…. ahem!


This is one of those posts that will probably seem silly in about a day or so but never the less… My Question is WHITHER MobileMe… etc. It is not surprising that something as complex as launching a new web service could have problems but that there is so little information about what is going on. Apple of course has always been slow to admit that there is anything wrong until after it’s fixed. Oh look it’s available on Apple’s servers you just have to install the update, but no mention that it’s only for Leopard 10.5 users.

Then there’s the App Store; but you apparently have to have a iphone or ipod touch syncd for it to show up on the iTunes pane. So those of us who are contemplating an iphone purchase can’t see what Apps are available..

Note to self —always think of the information people need and answer those questions or at least say you don’t know the answer. In my case I don’t know why the services are not working or how I am expecting them to work.

Thanks for reading and we’ll all hang in there 🙂

UPDATE Well apparently you can see the applications on iTunes but you have to search for them. Why is there no button?.. type Applicatons in the search field and they will show up.


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