MobileMe… up, how's it doing? [updated]

After a period of waiting in the dark we finally get started with MobileMe, Apple’s replacement for dot Mac. This is an interim look at the new offering which will be followed up with a more proper review after a chance to review all the features. Initially not all the services were working but they did come online and for the most part seem to work but my iWeb galleries have vanished to somewhere. Not a big deal to reinstall them and not too surprising that everything does not migrates smoothly.  Everyting in my idisk is there and the upload process seems to work better, although I have not tried any large files.

The main problem I have with MobileMe is that it’s just sorta plain. I am a big fan of the minimalist approach but this is something else. Maybe it’s just me [ Please feel free to weigh in if you have thoughts on this ] plain not just in appearance but the polish and features of a desktop app don’t seem to be there. In the calendar module there is not button to produce the todo list; you have to add a todo in order to see the list pop out.  UPDATE: Actually there is a keyboard shortcut, however a button would be nice.

As I have said before this is a 1.0 release and it will be improved but lets hope that there is more to Mobile than Meets the eye.


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