Useful tool and Economics lesson

Joe Ades, vegetable peeler pitchman made no small amount of money and a pretty good name for himself doing what many people would not do, which is in part the secret to his success. Joe was a regular fixture at the Union Square Greenmarket in NYC and can be seen in action right here.

Although Joe passed recently at the age of 75 the famous peeler can still be found here.

The lone entrepreneur who makes good with hard work and determination is not always celebrated but it is the model for what made the U.S. a great nation. There are only so many dream opportunities, right place —right time. Most of us must make the best of our skills, applying them with the same determination that Joe demonstrated with his consistent approach. It is this last example that will provide the “stimulus” to bring back a viable economy. So go out and create, just make sure it’s legal. 😉


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