6 Ways to feed your body and Soul – Don’t miss these!

Update: Improve your online presence with these two sites:

Nikon Rumor: Update
No new D5000 from Nikon, for the latest from PMA
check out the 1001 Noisy Cameras Blog

Screencastsonline, Mostly Mac video podcast with great tips, tricks and tutorials, huge backlog
of tutorials for some of your favorite apps. Subcribe at iTunes.

Learn photography & Photoshop:
Pioneer Woman, One of the most interesting reads on the web covering everything from great
cooking to photoshop. Check it out.
Digital ProTalk, Award winning photographer David Ziser hosts a this blog that is chock full of
great photo and photoshop tips, video tutorials and more. Whether you are a pro or not you can
find great information to improve your digital images.

More on digital imaging and your digital life:
This Week in Photography – weekly podcast drops every monday and is a great resource for
photographers of all levels.
Want to mange your digital life? What about those gigabytes of photos etc. sitting there on that
hard drive. For all things mangement and backing up check out this brand new site Managing 
Managing your digital life.

Gold Mine:
Chuck Green’s ideabook.com a treasure of graphic design tools and learning, plus jumpola one of the best bookmark pages on the net about design.


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