Winning: How To Create Your Own Success

“Success is simply acting like common sense is true”

A large part of what passes for “business wisdom” is just common sense. You could come up with some equally profound statements if you had time to put your thoughts into precise language. The fact that you don’t might be that this sort of thing isn’t where your gift lies. So it’s perfectly fine to listen to these advisors who have acquired these insights but it doesn’t mean you are less intelligent.

The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is what kind of action we take with what we come to know and understand. All the business principals are like the automobile but acting on those principals is the gasoline that propels it forward.

Here’s a few principals:

  • Find out what you’re good at and be brutally honest with yourself. Admiring talent in someone else doesn’t mean you have that same talent.
  • Be attentive and promnt in your work habits whether you’re self employed or working for others.
  • Be friendly but unique enough for your clients or superiors to notice you.’

A famous songwriter once said “never sing a song you can’t sing” the idea being that if you don’t have the vocal chops to do justice to the song don’t hurt yourself by singing it. When it comes to self appraisal, honesty is the best policy.

Being a success could be as easy as showing up for work. If you miss an opportunity to meet the person that can help your carrer because you slept in. You have no one to blame but yourself.

Knowing how to navigate the tricky waters of client or corporate life is key for one reason, communication. In all it’s forms communicaton is one of the most important tools a person can possess. In thirty years of business, I can honestly say that the source of most all problems were due to some breakdown in communication.

So, put some gas in your car and take action.

  • Find out who you are and what your skills are.
  • Show up, be wherever you are supposed to be.
  • Communicate your message effectively.

Common Sense.


One thought on “Winning: How To Create Your Own Success

  1. ok… I’m trying to communicate effectively:) Just read this!:)))

    Can you call me regarding a picture that I have been interested in for my first book. I don’t know if my emails are going to junk mail and want to speak with you if you have time. I would appreciate it Harold. You do beautiful work!
    Christine: 949-500-3789

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