Three Crucial Tips to Improving Your Photos

1. You can take a great photo with “any” camera. You just can’t take any “great photo”. You can make a great photo with any camera as long as you understand the limitations of that camera. Example: If you are using a box camera from the 50’s you probably won’t get a sharp close-up of a bird 50 feet up in a tree. Conversely you could get a stunning shot of your family standing in front of that tree 10 feet away.

2. Vision, knowing how to compose a shot will raise the level of your photography 500 percent. Making a great image can be as simple as getting in the right position to take the shot.

3. It’s better to take and make a great image with a “average” camera than to take no image at all because you don’t have the latest gear. Use what you have and understand why you need a certain piece of gear; not just that it’s the hot item. Having the best stuff is not as important as learning how to use whatever you have.


One thought on “Three Crucial Tips to Improving Your Photos

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