In case you missed it, here’s some of the stuff I didn’t post over the past week

I am still longing for FB to put a simple create a new note button on the home page. Yeah I know you can click the little thing at the bottom under applications and that will take you to the notes view and THERE you can create a new note. Non intuitive. I’m still on FB even though I don’t really don’t like it sometimes and with all their resources think it could be so much better designed; same thing goes for flickr. If you want to reference the difference look at not perfect but has a much more unified look.

It’s easy to add friends on facebook but you don’t see an option for adding strangers which is in some cases more appropriate since they aren’t always people that you have met face to face. Ok, indulge me a little bit 🙂 A comedian once told me that life plus logic equals humor…

I was asked to to become a fan of Old Spice this week, wow I wasn’t aware there was a cologne fan base. Marketing is where you convince people to buy your product, true fans are where your customers choose you…

NO I’m not a curmudgeon and I wasn’t born in the land of curmudge… in thirty years of design you develop a filter. The good ideas come on their own; not the result of throwing lots of man hours at something.

Design is a lot like invention; not all brilliant ideas make it to the shelves. I have more brilliant ideas than I care to remember but only a few of them actually launch.

It’s been a painful and sometimes happy week and for you I hope that the wind is at your back, the seas are following, your storehouses are full and your health is springing forth speedily.



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