The single 30s Urban Minimalist

It’s easier when you’re young and single to keep everything neat and the messes of life to a minimum. Unfortunately as you get older life gets a little more messy. As you bring more and more people into your life it requires greater effort to keep all that stuff at arms length. You can do it but it also means that you will have to exclude some of the experiences you could learn from —out of the picture. You may have to refine your minimalism to fit or retire to a kind of monastic existence. Theory and practice are always two different things.

Relationships, marriage, kids, in-laws, coworkers all bring a certain complexity that is beyond our control. Stuff on the other hand is easier to edit but still requires a lot of work. Real life is not for the lazy man or the one who shuns diligence. We all have to work at something or we are in want.

I try to edit things down to three simple metaphors of living; Bed, Table and Chair. Understanding the motive for this is very revealing and perhaps more valuable than the doing. What’s beyond this life is found in the motive.

Searching your motives is a solitary act; the rest of living is mostly a matter of editing.


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