Are you prepared at work?

Being prepared is just good sense. Things are changing rapidly and “nobody” knows for sure what will happen or when. Natural disaster, Utility failure, forest fire, flood and social unrest. The list goes on. While it’s prudent for each person to have their own plan and supplies it is also prudent to think about your work environment.

Suppose you’re snowed in at work; you can’t get home and travel in the city is reduced to foot traffic. They say it will be a few days before they can get the roads cleared. Here are a few things to consider. Will the heat be on in your place of business and of course what about food and water? Those items alone is enough to give anyone pause.
The first response will be to look to “the boss” for answers. What sort of preparations have been made will become evident very quickly.

If nothing has been done and there are only a couple of people who have some energy bars; those won’t last long if you have a dozen or so employees standing around. If the power is still on you may have water but if not the situation will get dark pretty fast.

No electricity means: No heat usually, city water will not pump, no lights or anything else that plugs in. On top of basic survival there may be other concerns such as health issues.

There are dozens of scenarios but the picture is pretty clear. The best remedy is to make your own plan that fits your area, climate etc. To get the ball rolling you can look here.


2 thoughts on “Are you prepared at work?

  1. Thought provoking post, Harold. Most people assume they’ll be at home when a significant emergency happens. I posted a link to this article on my Breaking News page.

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