The Young Pioneers

For every person who is young, healthy and prospering there is someone who is old, sick and living in despair. While it may be better to be pathologically optimistic it is not an option for everyone. We understand this but don’t like to mention it because it is the opposite of how we wish things to be. Time is the great changer of all things and is the key to understanding why some seem to succeed and some do not.

The current situation is not a matter of who is right or smartest or most powerful; it’s the time frame. The right ingredients are always available in the collective cupboard but not everyone knows or can find the recipe.

It is the young pioneers who are in the kitchen. Invention, creativity and guile are folded together in bowl and rolled out to the marvel of the masses because, if nothing else, it’s new. We always create on the frontier whether right or wrong even if it means trowing some folks under the bus.

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