It’s not what you say, altogether

BB King said “it’s not what I play it’s the way that I play it” So true also of writing. How things are phrased and what is left out can be just as powerful. Sadly this is too true of our communications these days whether from companies or the media.

If you read only the headlines you may never know the truth of a subject. Journalists use a hook to attract attention in their headlines that may not exactly give you the whole picture.

“Elevated levels of radiation in milk”

Alarming to say the least but does elevated mean harmful? You must read on to find out. In our time deprived world we read snippets and hear ten second sound bites that give us a general and sometimes fuzzy picture of the world around us.

Our modern frontier is expanding at a pace that many are not able to keep pace with and yet for our own well being we must be alert and aware of the changing world. It’s time not to take cliches of the past or what we heard growing up as the whole truth. As we venture out we must keep our “possibles bag” stocked with provision that are useful for today.


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