Pro Photo Tips & Saving Money

What better combination right? Know what the pros know and save a little money too. I’m going to reveal the first and best tip I ever received from a working professional photographer and then give you an example you can put to use.

I learned this from a working photographer back in the days when it was film only and photography was an expensive hobby. Just like today there was always gear to buy and dream about; to cover all the photographic situations. So here’s the tip: You don’t have to buy the most expensive piece of gear with the latest specifications. You simply need the right tool for the job. Having a telephoto lens on the camera when a good 50 mm lens is what you need —this is the application we are talking about. It’s obvious but you can’t stop and change the lens if you don’t have the lens to change to. If you need a tripod, it’s best to have one even if it isn’t the top of the line from “Really Right Stuff” with a BH55 ballhead.

Camera lenses are a good example but the principal works with any piece of gear. Here’s how you can save on buying an 85mm 1.4 lens if you are a Nikon or Canon shooter [check for other camera compatibility] This is the Rokinon 85M N85 F1.4 lens, just under 300.00 dollars. Yes it’s not auto focus and it won’t have the same specs as the Nikkor or the Canon EF lens but it’s also not 2000.00 dollars either.

Thanks to Jeff Clow on Flickr for the Rokinon tip and Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot at


3 thoughts on “Pro Photo Tips & Saving Money

  1. …and yo know, I just clicked over to “Really Right Stuff”. A thousand bucks for a tripod, c’mon, thats insane. I honestly think that price is just a result of people with too much money buying, which drives the price up because, well, people are buying them. Insane.

    • Mostly the market for those high end tripods is pretty small so the price sort of the fits the demand. Which makes the point of the post which is you don’t need that really high dollar gear most of the time.

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