Photography & Recognition – 7 Things

Want to be a great photographer? Want to have that feeling of recognition? I think we all do at least on some level. It’s really true for all the creative disciplines. You can substitute Photographer with your particular gift.


So what are the components to gaining recognition whether it be simple approval or financial reward. I’m speaking of photography here but you can adjust this to fit your own situation. Rinse, repeat and see what works for you. Starring in no particular order.

  1. Talent – Huge! You either have talent that fits your goals or you don’t. Everyone has talent but it’s usually limited to certain areas.
  2. Wit – Whether it’s the ability to see irony or be quick with a line or a joke, this trait will enhance how you are received by others.
  3. Savvy – It might be gear and tech stuff or knowing all the trends and lingo of the prevailing social culture.
  4. Personality – The type of personality you have will greatly affect your relationships with clients and coworkers. Hard to categorize but a huge factor in photographing people.
  5. Tenacious – Stick with it. If you feel like quitting. Take a break and start again. Without it you won’t finish anything.
  6. Patient – Real growth, progress takes time. Don’t rush it.
  7. Hard Working – The reason people succeed is by working very hard. When asked what qualities are necessary for succeeding in photography, two top pro’s said they look for someone with a good work ethic.

None of these thing are about cameras and lighting. You can become a competent photographer and successful but to be great you need the intangibles.


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