Mac OSX tip- it's the little things

Mac OSX tip- it’s the little things

Here’s a little tip for cleaning up the mail piled in your inbox. Whether you have lots of folders for sorting or just a few with maybe some sub folders this will work. It’s easy for the mail to pile up especially when you don’t have time to read it all or you have lots of subscriptions. If you click on a message in the inbox there is some added functionality if you use the control key or right click. Right click or control click on a message brings up a pop out menu for additional tasks you can perform.

You can quickly move messages to a folder or sub folder by accessing the “move to” flyout menu. Of course you have to have some routine for getting back to all those messages you’ve tucked away. That is where your own “Getting Things Done” methodology comes into play.

Having a system where you quickly determine what is an actionable message will go a long ways towards making sure that things don’t fall through the cracks.



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